Giddy-Up n' Go
The Farm

GIDDY-UP N’ GO 2014!

My first year with the pony parties was amazing, though it came with some learning curves!  As the season progressed, an amazing group of young people stepped up to the plate as my employees.  They make our events what they are and I am blessed to work with and know each and every one of them.

When I took over Giddy-up n’ Go in 2013, my goal was to go further than what has been done.   Some of the blessings along they way have been the amazing ministries and non-profit organizations we have all gotten to meet and work with.  In October, I was able to go to KC, MO with the ponies and the zoo and be part of a Celebrate Single Mom’s event promoted by K-Love radio and Mountain of Myrrh Ministries.  Other local organizations we were able to work with are  Indiana Deaf School, Big Car, My Redeemer Lives Lutheran Church, and Amazing Grace Youth Center, just to name a few.   It is my hope to one day be able to work more with such places in a greater supporting capacity.

In April of this year, the wagons roll out!  Two mini-wagons have been added that are pulled by a couple of our mini ponies.  By the end of the year, for fall, there should be at least 3.  These are going to be great for fall festivals, parades, and more.  The wagons can seat up to 4 adults, so they will be perfect for larger groups of children.  We can lead or drive the wagons, depending upon the terrain, location, and crowd. 

The Winter birthing process has been happening on the farm, which ensures baby goats and lambs for the spring events.  The next birthing series will be late May into June, and then again early fall. 

The staff and I look forward to working with each and every one of you this year and thank you all in advance for choosing Giddy-up n’ Go for your private or corporate events.   We love what we do and enjoying serving each and every one of you!